IntelStitch Documentation

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IntelStitch connects threat intelligence sources and security tools so that they can work together in powerful new ways.


If you're assessing IntelStitch, a new IntelStitch user or someone who is having trouble using IntelStitch, the documentation is the first place to start.

The documentation is split into a series sections that cover instructions, examples, and common IntelStitch use-cases.

New users should start with at with the Getting Started section.

Those looking to solve specific problems can search the entire documentation to help uncover a solution.

Documentation Topics


Deployment Type


Getting Started

SaaS, On-premise, Hybrid

An introduction to IntelStitch and core concepts.

Installation Manual

On-premise, Hybrid

Plan and provision an IntelStitch deployment.

Admin Manual

SaaS, On-premise, Hybrid

Configure and optimise your IntelStitch server.

Developer Manual

SaaS, On-premise, Hybrid

Customise and extend IntelStitch.

Troubleshooting Manual

SaaS, On-premise, Hybrid

Diagnose any problems you are having with IntelStitch.

Threat Exchange Manual

SaaS, On-premise, Hybrid

Learn how to share and consume intelligence on the Threat Exchange.

Can't Find Something?

There are a number of additional IntelStitch support resources available if you can't find what you're looking for in the docs